While it is less commonly reported, as there are more men than women are harassed, men can indeed experience harassment in India by women. Here are some examples of how men may be harassed by women:

  1. Verbal and Emotional Harassment: Men can be subjected to verbal abuse, insults, threats, or derogatory comments by women. This can occur in public spaces, workplaces, or even within personal relationships.
  2. Sexual Harassment: Unwanted sexual advances, comments, or gestures can be directed towards men by women. This can happen in various settings such as workplaces, educational institutions, or public spaces.
  3. False Accusations: Men may be falsely accused of misconduct or crimes, leading to reputational damage, social isolation, or even legal consequences. These false accusations can have a severe impact on a man’s personal and professional life.
  4. Domestic Violence: While domestic violence is commonly associated with women as victims, men can also experience physical, emotional, or financial abuse within intimate relationships. However, underreporting of such cases by men can make it difficult to accurately gauge the extent of the issue.
  5. Stalking and Cyber Harassment: Women can engage in stalking behaviors or use technology to harass men, such as persistent unwanted attention, threats, or online abuse.

It is important to note that the prevalence and experiences of harassment can vary significantly from individual to individual. Society’s perception and reporting patterns can also influence the visibility of harassment faced by men in India.

In one of the latest study, it is reported that every 13 hour one husband is killed by his wife and her family.

If someone is experiencing harassment, regardless of their gender, it is crucial to seek support from helplines, organizations, or legal services that specialize in addressing harassment cases. Reporting incidents to the appropriate authorities can also help in addressing the situation and seeking justice.

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